Invest In Your Community!

Sometimes a helping hand
is all a person needs to get
back on their feet.

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TCC has 30 potential housing units.

Currently 20 are available for use.

Additional funding is needed to
develop the remaining 10 units.

It takes approximately $7500
to build out a housing unit,
making it usable.

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Please consider a donation
to The City Center...

Where your gifts will be wisely stewarded to help homeless individuals and families in Ventura.

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Providing a better sense
of community!

By helping provide a safe environment, parents are able to give their family a sense of community by doing everyday tasks that people take for granite.

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Blessed is he who is generous to the poor…Proverbs 14:21

The City Center is Ventura’s only transitional housing center that does not receive government funding. The City Center truly offers a handup…not just a handout…. through extensive case management as well as mentoring programs provided for its residents.

The City Center was built upon the premise that together we can help end homelessness in Ventura. By your generous donations, mentoring provided by churches, and support by our community and local businesses, we will accomplish our vision. Your donations help provide skilled, professional case management as well as around the clock on- site management at our mid-town location. Spiritual mentoring is a crucial part of the TCC experience, and we look to our local houses of worship to encourage spiritual growth and provide life skills. Opportunities abound for local businesses to partner with us by providing building supplies, meals or monetary donations.

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Providing Safe Refuge.

The City Center is located in Ventura, California and is a transitional living community for families in need of a temporary place to stay.

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