How Does It Work?

TCC offers housing to homeless, with a goal of transitioning the client out in a year. However stays up to 24 months are allowed if needed. This is where the counseling and support services are critical to creating a path towards self-sufficiency.

Once a resident graduates, they may have the opportunity to enter the graduate program. This affords them a period of 6 to 24 months of residency, with a focus on vocation, schooling, salary, and promotions. This program requires residents to pay set rent and offers them case management once a month. It is a useful transitional space from the City Center into the real world.

TCC was opened in 2010, and was originally known as The Kingdom Center. Recognizing the history of the location and the importance of community support, the center was renamed The City Center, harkening back to the original name of The City Center Motel.