Housing Admission Guidelines

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The City Center Transitional Living Program

Β Eligibility Guideline

To be considered for entrance into “City Center” Transitional Living Program and applicant needs to demonstrate the following:

  1. Homeless: Homeless is defined as living in their car, in a shelter, couch surfing, or staying with Family members for a temporary time frame or existing a prior program and unable to sustain independent living.
  2. No Current Reported Domestic Violence: Issues of domestic violence must be resolved at least six months prior to entry into the program. Applicant must no longer be in a relationship with the abuser and must disclose information about the abuser.
  3. No Violent Felonies: Applicant must have no record of convictions for felonies more recent than three years.
  4. D.O.J. is required of all adult residence.
  5. No Current Substance Abuse: Applicant must be clean and sober for at least six months and/or active in a sobriety program.
  6. Work or Work and School: Applicant must be employed full-time or employed and in school and or willing to participate in such within 90 days of entry.
  7. General: Applicant must be at least 18 years of age males/females, single, married or without children is acceptable. Priority is given to families that are no larger than 4.